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Henna Beginners Course

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This virtual henna course is more than just novelty on the skin, it is a guide to connect to you to your inner light with self love. Reminding you of the real beauty and power that you hold inside A guided reminder of choosing positive over negative and love over fear as you become aware of your breath and inner dialouge.


This course will take you through a 5,000 year old sacred art history of using this art traditionally as plant medicine. Leading you through the history, culture, product creation, and many lessons on how to design your own henna adornments.


Course Includes

  • Facebook group with guides that will take you day by day with pre-recorded lessons.
  • Once a week for 4 weeks - Sacred Circle Zoom calls where we will connect with one another and empower each other through our practices.
  • One on one call with Amanda Joy 

It is important to purchase our Beginners Henna Kit for this course that will help take you through all the lessons. Once both are purchased you will receive an email is instructions.


Beginners Henna Kit will be mailed out on a Monday and should arrive to your house by Wednesday for Thursday!