Happy Henna Artist Contract Instructions

First WELCOME!! We are so excited to have you on board as a Happy Henna artist and passionate Happy Henna follower! Whether you are working directly for Happy Henna or just wanting to be an ambassador, we are requiring you to fill out this contract that is on page two.  

This is very simple and I will guide you through the process of uploading and submitting your contract.

First, save this document as a PDF and upload it to DocUsign or another signature website that will allow you to fill this form out and sign it. 

Once we have signed, save your signed contract to your computer and upload it to the form you were just filling out! :)


Happy Henna Artist Contract


This contract is between Happy Henna LLC (Amanda Joy Gilbert) and henna artist ____________________________________ that has been trained by Happy Henna. 


On this day _____ of month ______ and year _____________. Artists hired by Happy Henna LLC promise to be a loyal henna artist for up to 3 years and will not become a competitor.


Artists are required to share the mission of Happy Henna. Bringing happiness and healing through the art of henna, while bringing back its roots of becoming a blessing. Artist promises to not recreate or use materials given through courses as their own. Artists promise to not start their own henna business or use the name of Happy Henna without given permission.


Artist promises to share all henna appointments and events with Founder Amanda Joy Gilbert through a google doc sheet or given site access. 


Artists are required to share events and advertise for Happy Henna on the Happy Henna Facebook page.


Artists are required to create a HappyHenna Instagram page that is linked back to the main @HappyHennaTattoo instagram.  (Please set this up with Amanda Joy)


Artists are required to create a linked bio page with the Happy Henna website and products to sell. (www.linktr.ee) see HappyHennaTattoo instagram for reference. 


Artists are required to create an Ambassador name and code for selling products and receiving a discount for Happy Henna.


Artists are required to use ONLY Happy Henna products. 

Your Name:                                                             Happy Henna LLC

Date:                                                                        Date:

Signature:                                                               Signature: