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Art Therapy Henna Course - 21 Day Ritual

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Art is Medicine 🪶
* Supporting your mental health with HENNA ART

Overcome anxiety by creating beauty where there once was pain.

You will be guided to adorn yourself with affirmations for 21 days.
Imagine how you will feel at the end of the course?

This is a sacred plant medicine that speaks to your subconscious and helps you to become aware of conscious patterning.

This art is much more than novelty tattooing, it becomes your prayer and reminder of your true inner light being brought to the surface of your skin.

During this 21 day virtual henna course - you will be guided to re-program your mind to choose LOVE over FEAR.

Why 21 days? - It is believed that by doing something every day for 21 days you can begin reprograming your mind to create a daily practice that sticks.

I will be sharing the practice of self love and the power of adorning yourself with INTENTION.
You will be invited to join a weekly group call to review and practice what we are learning.
I am offering this at a very low cost as my heart is truly to support anyone who is dealing with anxiety, depression, pain or just longing for a therapeutic practice of meditation.


💕 Daily Journal Prompts
💕 Daily Meditation 🧘‍♀️
💕 Lessons Creating Henna Designs
💕 Daily Inspirational Lesson Prompts
💕 Weekly Group Reflection Calls (Wednesdays 8pm EST)
🦋 Mailed Henna Cones -  infused with essential oils, blessings, reiki, prayer and certain crystals to assist in intention setting.