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3 month Spiritual Coaching Masters Course on Courage

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This Spiritual coaching masters course is a one on one experience with Amanda Joy virtually and sometimes in person depending on your location and travel abilities.

This coaching masters course will guide you to choose love over fear through COURAGE. Choosing positive over negative thoughts is a couragoues act and through practice of awarness can we change old patterns to create new ones.

This is a powerful life changing guided experience through Christ Conscious communications for self love improvement and authentic connections to those you love. (especially those battling hardships.)

Coaching Masters Course Includes:

  • Access to the "Beginners Henna virtual course" which includes a spiritual guide of connecting this plant medicine to your own inner mental health practice
  • Creating a dream and manifestation board
  • A guided virtual course on our nonprofit - Henna Crowns of Courage adorning cancer survivors through a ceremony ritual as we create henna designs on the crowns of their heads and ability to be on our team as a professional henna artist.
  • 6 One on one session with Amanda Joy (virtually or in person)
  • Unlimited texting and voice memos to connect inbetween one on one sessions
  • You first henna crown session with Amanda Joy by your side if you choose