Henna classroom


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Invite Happy Henna to your School

Invite a professional Happy Henna artist to visit your classroom for a cultural and unforgettable experience that will leave the students talking for weeks. Henna artists will share the history, cultures and how the intricate artwork is created. With the parent and teachers permission, each student can go home with their own henna tattoo. 

Each student will be led by a professional henna artist on how to create their own henna design. 

The best part is, they are learning and giving back to the community because Happy Henna gives a percentage of its profits to a local charity of their choice! 

Pricing Options - 

  • $85- includes an educational experience in the classroom. Henna artist will give detail history and cultural background as well as the process of how the henna is made, applied and used. 

  • $150 - Includes full educational experience as well as a henna tattoo for each student

  • $200 - for a two hour class period with henna for the students

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