What is Henna?

Henna or also known as (Mehndi) is one of the oldest and most beautiful rituals in the world. The art is used all around the globe that represents inner beauty, protection, luck, fertility and blessings. Natural Henna that dyes the skin is made with a beautiful flowering plant called Lawsonia. This plant can grow up to 6 feet high in hot climates and can be found in Northern Africa and India. The powder of the leaf is mixed with lemon juice and essential oils to create a paste. Please note Henna is not black. When natural henna is applied, the paste is a dark brown color that will flake off and leave a light to dark orange tint, that will gradually get darker after 24- 72 hours. Once the dye is fully oxidized on the skin, it will leave a dark reddish brown color that will last up to 1-3 weeks on the skin. Application Henna is applied like frosting to skin using homemade henna paste. The paste first goes on wet and then starts to dry after 20 minutes. At this point, lemon juice and sugar is applied as a seal to keep the paste on longer. To have darker and longer lasting tattoos, keep the paste on for 6-12 hours. Recommended over night if wrapped with medical tape or tissue.

Before & After Care Before your appointment, clean the skin with warm soapy water to free any substances that would clog the pores and create a barrier for the dye to saturate the skin. It is good to note that once the paste starts to dry on the skin, it can pull at the skin and hair, which can be uncomfortable. I suggest shaving the area before the day of appointment. (Leave on 6-12 hours) The longer you have the henna on your skin the longer the dying properties can set in. Keep the henna moist so that the paste does not dry out. Using lemon juice mixed with sugar will allow the paste to stick to the skin and stay activated. DO NOT WASH paste off skin. Simply remove by rubbing the paste off onto a towel and disposing the flakes. After henna paste is removed, try not to get wet for 24 hours. This allows dye to set in. To keep the tattoo safe, put coconut oil, grape seed oil or olive oil over skin.

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