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how to empower a woman who lost her hair going through chemo
crowns of courage for cancer paients

“This project has helped so many amazing women beat a stereotype of beauty. I felt so loved and very encouraged to not be afraid to tell my story and be proud of who I am and what I have overcome. Love you guys and all of these women so very much”

- Crownee Emily VanKeuren

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“You all gave us a beautiful voice that shows we are real women and shows people the beauty behind the tears, surgeries, chemo, radiation and all the other crap that comes with cancer. Praying this project helps others realize we are still people, not to run from it. Love you all!”

- Crownee Lizz Grams


     Our mission is to bring happiness and emotional healing to families dealing with the emotional pain of illness; using the art of henna tattoos and other multimedia artists. Our goal is to not just "crown," but provide battle armor with henna tattoos to both women and children in our neighborhood and eventually across the country. 

     We have officially become an nonprofit as of April 2018. We are now crowning one person a month, with makeup, henna, photography and video to share their story on our youtube channel.


   The idea of Henna Crowns of Courage began in 2015 and was eventually became an ArtPrize 9 project that focused on spreading the awareness of the underlying and often hidden sides of cancer. The project was voted by the public into the top 5 in the 2d Category, and eventually went on to win the Veterans award. 

To learn more about this project from the local press, click on this link... Read more 

     This project was inspired when Henna Artist Amanda Joy began volunteering her time at ‘Beautiful You’ by Profile Salon(Link) providing organic, lavender infused henna tattoos to the women there who were fighting cancer.


     As a henna artist, Amanda recognized the meditative and healing properties that henna has while it was being applied to the skin. She began dreaming of a way she could use her passion of henna art to bring therapeutic healing, beauty and courage to more women in their fight.


    It's not just a physical battle these women go through, it’s a mental, emotional and a spiritual one. Rarely shared in public, most often these battles are fought behind closed doors, in many ways feeling alone. The impact of hair loss, is an additional pain to the already intense physiological changes of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.


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“Your beauty and significance is neither defined by your hair, nor your cancer diagnosis. The experience of being crowned is a reminder of who you truly are within.”

- Crownee Melissa VanKlompenburg