Henna Classes

Happy Henna Class
$40 per person

By choosing this service Happy Henna will donate 5.4% to CROWNS OF COURAGE

Learn the art of henna. Grab a girlfriend or two and take this fun Happy Henna Class. You will learn the ancient traditions of henna and how to appropriately use a henna cone. You will learn techniques and tools that will allow you to create a beautiful therapeutic henna design for you or your friends. 


To create your own henna class for an "In home party" you must have 5 or more friends. 

Inquire for a henna class to pop up in your home town. We partner with coffee shops, wine bars and art studios. 

Happy Henna Class Includes​

  • History Lesson on the ancient roots of henna

  • Practice Henna designs 

  • Lesson: How to use a henna cone 

  • One lavender infused henna cone

  • Personalized blessing and henna tattoo by professional artist

Beginners Online Henna Course

The henna course taught through our online workshop. Founder, Amanda Joy, will guide you through video's and pdf forms to learn practical skills of the cultural art and history of Mehndi. You will learn how to make your own henna paste, create your own henna cones, learn how to hold a henna cone and create beautiful designs. This course is taken on your own time. Can take a couple days. 

Beginners Course Includes Beginners Henna Kit

  • 100 Grams of Henna powder​

  • Acrylic Clear Practice board

  • Essential Oil

  • Before and After Care

  • Materials to make henna

  • Bindi, Sage and Affirmations

Masters Course

The henna course taught by professional Happy Henna artist Amanda Joy, will give the artist intricate and detailed skills on multiple levels to become talented at the art of henna. 

This course is taken over 6 weeks and will give you the skill and knowledge to become a professional Certified Happy Henna artist. 

Artist will learn 3 different traditional styles of henna art and will learn the skills needed to become 'henna certified" as a henna artist. 

At the end of the 6 weeks course you will be tested on your knowledge and skills. You will need a number of internship hours to get your final certification.

Masters Course Includes

  • Lesson book - Otherwise known as the “Henna Bible”

  • Professional Henna starter kit

  • Three Private one on one time with Amanda 

  • 2 Group gatherings 

  • Online group access to Facebook page and messaging group to share progress

  • Artist will learn 3 different traditional styles of henna art and will learn the skills needed to become 'henna certified" as a henna artist. 

  • Summer Internship as an Happy Henna Artist  - where you could earn money once certified.

  • Henna Certification to become a professional Henna Artist with Happy Henna

Crowns of Courage

We empower women to choose love over fear during a time that impacts them on a physical, emotional, mental and psychological level. Helping them to feel beautiful in bald, knowing it is only temporary and helping them find the strength and confidence within themselves.

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