I love WHITE HENNA, but it doesn't stain like normal henna.....

White henna is absolutely beautiful! However, first we must look at what "White Henna" is not. Unfortunately many confused white henna with the 5,000 year old sacred art form called "Henna" or "Mehndi."

The sacred art of Henna is made from a plant called "Lawsonia" it is a flowering plant that is grown in the hot climates like that Middle East and India. The leaf of the plant would be used as a form of medicinal healing and was recognized for its deep staining properties. When mixing the leaf as a powder form with water, sugar, lemon and essential oil, it becomes a paste that is used to bring adornment on the skin. This paste would look greenish brown almost like mud. While it is being applied, it brings a cooling wet sensation over the skin.

After the application, it will need to dry on the skin and then crumble off leaving behind a bright orange stain that sinks deep within your pores. Taking 24-48 hours to get to its deepest stain which is a rich dark brown or reddish color. With many rituals and blessings attached to it. Henna made from the plant Lawsonia is only this color and will last on the skin for up to two weeks.

However, many have used the word "Henna" to describe the type of art "henna" represents. For example mandalas, paisleys, intricate designs. This has created much frustration in the henna art community as well as clients who do not understand the difference. Many use the term "White Henna" for its artistic design... not its staining properties.

So what is WHITE HENNA?

White Henna is simply "white body paint" or "white out" that is put in a similar applicator as henna. White Henna does NOT have the same staining properties as the sacred 5,000 year old art form that is made from the healing plant Lawsonia.

White Henna will wash away in the shower after you get it wet. It does not last more than a day or two and will wipe away leaving behind NO stain.

While "White Henna" is a beautiful way to adorn the body as a temporary tattoo, you must be aware that it is not the traditional form of HENNA. White Henna also looks great for photoshoots and is perfect for someone who can not have the original sacred art of henna on them for more than two weeks.

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